Message from CEO

QSoft aims to become a leading company in technology, bringing the best products to customers, a happy environment for employees and contributing to the digitalization of society.
With a culture of empowerment and responsibility, QSoft always promotes the initiative and creativity to each department and each member of the Company.
QSoft strives to become a learning organization, constantly learning, improving and always maintaining the enthusiastic and dynamic spirit of the entrepreneur.

CEO - Le Trong Quan

Core values

Move Fast

Moving fast help us build and learn faster. Our working motto is prioritizing doing important things, cutting off redundancies to bring the highest value to products and customers. We always expect our staff to absorb, understand and enforce this motto in the process of working at QSoft.

Be Bold

Boldness is a must to create great things. We encourage our employees to take on difficult challenges, even if they don't know how to do it and may pay the price of mistakes. The most risky thing is not to dare to take risks.

Be Open

At QSoft, we encourage all employees to communicate with each other more to get all the necessary information as well as solve difficulties and problems in work and life.

Build Life Value

Building life values is what we always think we must do in the process of building software products. Technology is only useful when it is really useful in life. Useful software is a valuable product. At the same time, we also aim to build a working environment where all employees feel happy, happy with the work they are doing, proud of the product they are building.